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other fabrics Swatches
Great for: See the actual color and feel the texture of each fabric.
Price: $2.00

Samples of each type of fabric are available. The sample cards include all the in-stock colors in a given fabric type. Each sample is approximately 1 1/2" square.

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children waterproof breathables
Great for: kids rainwear, diapers, bibs
Great for: bags, patches, gaitors, boat covers
quilted wool
Great for: Sweaters, hoodies.1 3/4 yard remaining.
no see um netting
Great for: Tents, hats, clothing, hammocks, gardens, camping.
stretch woven  -- NEW --
Great for: Blouses, skirts, shorts, pants, capris. Organic twill also great for jackets and heavy weight shirts.
flannel  -- SALE --
Great for: Pajamas, baby clothes, blankets
neoprene  -- NEW --
Great for: Healthcare aids, Kayak skirting, wet suits, wet sock, etc. Black/Black 3mm and Green/Black 3mm have an antimicrobial finish on both sides – would need a commercial sewing machine for sewing. Ideal for insoles of moccasins, running shoes, other footwear or the bottoms of fishing/diving boots. Also great for medical splints.
minkie  -- SALE --
Great for: quilts, blankets, children\'s hoodies, pillows
sun protection fabric
Great for: hats, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets and swimming trunks
cotton vinyl  -- SALE --
Great for: baby bibs, paint aprons, rain jackets and children's furniture
satin  -- SALE --  -- NEW --
Great for: Graduation dresses, costumes, curtains
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